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Current R&D projects:

2015-2022: Positium is participating in Project EU48684 with Software Technology and Applications Competence Center Llc (STACC).
The vision of the Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre (STACC) is to become a leading R&D organisation where companies and public sector agencies can access expertise in (big) data analytics and codevelop visionary technology product. STACC’s main business is providing data analytics and data privacy protection services to help companies to bring highquality services faster to the market. STACC has four strategic development areas: 1) Data Analytics for Software and Systems Optimization, 2) SpatioTemporal Data Analytics, 3) Big Data and Security, and 4) EHealth and Personalised Medicine. STACC strongly contributes to Estonian IT education and enhances research partners’ capacity in the field of data analytics and its applications.
Positium takes part in subprojects 3.1 Refining spatio-temporal accuracy and creating mobility models and 3.2 Methods and tools for intelligent visual analytics with funding of 108,000 euros (out of a total 6,996,502 euros for the project).

2015-2020: Positium is participating in Project EU48693 with Eliko Technology Competence Center Llc (ELIKO) in Smart Environment IoT services and applications subproject Smart Road.

UN Statistics Division & Positium
Sustainable Development Goals & Positium

Positium is taking part in the UN Global Working Group on Big Data for Official Statistics task teams Mobile Phone Data & Big Data and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Continuous research cooperation takes place with researchers from the University of Tartu Mobility Lab.


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Estonia, EU

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